It is our pleasure to introduce you to Say Cheese, an exciting new magazine for California’s millions of cheese lovers. A quarterly publication cooperatively developed by DairyBusiness Communications and the California Cheese and Butter Association (CCBA), Say Cheese comes in response to the burgeoning and enthusiastic interest in specialty cheeses.

A high-quality lifestyle publication written exclusively for the California marketplace, Say Cheese will quickly become a trusted and oft-turned to resource for food-enthusiast consumers – and an ideal means for you to communicate with this highly desirable demographic. Whether you wish to reach them in print, online or in person, Say Cheese is strong, highly targeted vehicle to engage them. With complimentary distribution direct to a highly interested, self-selecting audience, Say Cheese is assured of being in the hands – and homes – of avid cheese buyers.

Consumer purchases of specialty cheeses and butter are at an all-time high, and interest in learning about them is equally strong. Faced with a delicious plethora of choices, consumers are hungry for reliable information that’s presented in a fun, lively and approachable way. Both in print and at www.saycheesemedia.com, they will have access to stories that build their interest, enjoyment and purchase of cheese. Both mediums will be authentic and highly credible -- ideal environments for marketing messages.

At www.saycheesemedia.com, a digital version of the magazine and links to relevant cheese and related food and beverage information provide easy access to valuable resources. Content created by our experienced editorial staff will focus on cheese education, cooking with cheese, cheese and food/beverage pairings, entertaining with cheese, and most importantly, how to have fun and enjoy cheese.

Standard advertising units will be available on the website; these can be part of an integrated print and online program or as a stand-alone outreach to the Say Cheese audience. The inaugural issue of Say Cheese is scheduled for January 2010, and will be rolled out at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. Initial distribution will be 50,000 copies in California through specialty retail stores and independent markets that sell cheese and butter. Copies will be available at trade shows, special events and from CCBA members.

Say Cheese will be available at no charge via copies displayed at the cheese case, where your customers are shopping… and while they are considering other food purchases. Wine, beer, fresh and dried fruit, nuts, honey, crackers and breads, pickles, cappers, peppers, fresh and deli meats, and all other specialty foods that can be paired in combination with the array of great cheeses available.

Your advertisement in Say Cheese will be ideally positioned as cheese lovers peruse the free issue, and while they are in the mood to buy additional products to go with their cheese choices.

The CCBA Board of Directors has been working with DairyBusiness to launch this unique and exciting publication. We believe this relationship will be a “win-win” for the industry, and especially for your valued customers, the consumer.




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